The Open Classroom Leadership Magnet is a unique opportunity for families to be a part of an educational community of teachers, parents and staff that work closely together to create a learning environment focused not only on academics, but on the whole child--social, emotional and ethical. At OCLM, we recognize and build on the talents and abilities of each student so that we can help them emerge as leaders now, and continue to inspire others as they grow. 

The classrooms are student-centered so that the kids participate in the learning process and take responsibility for their progress along with their teacher. Open Classroom families are part of a dedicated community focused on fulfilling academic expectations and supporting students' growth and development as individuals. This is accomplished through unique, hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom that include whole-school activities and events, mentoring one-on-one and in mixed-age groups, and creative, interdisciplinary projects. 

The Foundation of the Program for 20 years:

Focus on personal leadership develops strong communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills; promotes the ability to make good choices.

Multi-age classrooms encourage collaboration, foster mentoring between children, enable teachers to differentiate based on individual student needs.

Small learning environments support hands-on, creative projects and lessons, and facilitate program-wide events such as Fun Fridays, Fall Festival, and our Stepping Up ceremony.

Parent and family involvement creates a learning environment that supports classroom instruction and builds relationships among parents, students and teachers. 

With this philosophy, and a set of timeless principles borrowed from the 7 Habits of The Leader in Me, Open Classroom Leadership Magnet encourages students to pursue their personal best. They learn to:

  • Take responsibility for the choices they make and actions they take
  • Develop goals based on their values and have a plan to get there
  • Listen well, collaborate and respect others
  • Balance social, physical, spiritual and intellectual activities

What Makes it Work--Parent Involvement

Parents support both the teachers and students when they volunteer in the classroom, and become an integral part of the creative, stimulating, respectful and productive learning environment we enjoy at OCLM. Parents also enrich the curriculum by sharing their own knowledge, skills and experiences with the students as a guest in the classroom. And, input from our families is part of the collaboration we value at OCLM. Most importantly, their presence in the classroom demonstrates a value of education, and a commitment to being engaged in their child's learning.