Open to Experiences - Beyond Traditional Academics

With roughly 100 students and 70 families at Open Classroom Leadership Magnet, we are an intentionally small learning community, with many unique advantages. 

Whole-school events such as Fall Festival and Stepping Up are held off campus and planned and run through a collaboration of parents and teachers. These events involve the entire community and focus on mixed-age groups (K-5), thematic learning and new experiences. As we gather together, the students also begin to understand the concept of community leadership and responsibility. 

Our classrooms are multi age as well, and the teachers share ideas and curriculum planning, particularly those with the same grade mix (K/1, 2/3 or 4/5). Groups of students may move between teachers for grade-specific lessons, which creates partnerships between the teachers and enriches the learning environment. 

Additionally, when the kindergartners are dismissed at 1:30, our K/1 teachers have a focused hour each afternoon with their first graders in a small group setting. Field trips by grade level, that relate specifically to topics, events or books discussed in the classroom, are logistically possible because of our small size, and they add relevancy and experiential learning to the program. 

Every day, Open Classroom parents support small group learning as volunteers in the classroom. With several adults in the classroom, groups of 4-6 students move easily between learning centers. This allows the teachers to differentiate based on individual needs and vary the way lessons are taught and practiced. As they work together on projects, the students learn to collaborate and mentor each other.