Open To Possibilities - Individual Paths to Success

At Open Classroom Leadership Magnet, personal leadership goes beyond developing traditional leadership skills such as strong communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving. Our program also teaches students to work collaboratively with others, make good choices, plan ahead and participate in their community in a meaningful way. It's a unique approach that values both the individual talents of each student, and their ability and willingness to contribute in a group setting.

The 7 Habits of Leader in Me

A set of timeless principles, borrowed from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits, creates an environment on campus where staff and students strive to be proactive, and pursue their personal best rather than compete with others. The 7 Habits help them:

  • Take responsibility for the choices they make and actions they take
  • Develop goals based on their values and have a plan to get there
  • Listen well, collaborate with and respect others
  • Balance social, physical, spiritual and intellectual activities

Mentors as Leaders

At Open Classroom, students learn in multi-age classes, meet for special projects with their "buddies" from a grade or two ahead, and work in larger groups made up of a range of grade levels. When students mentor each other, they build confidence in their own skills and gain patience in teaching others to do what they may already do well. They also learn to model compassionate, helpful behaviors to fellow students and begin to discover their role in the community. 

Community Leaders

Our school community acts as a microcosm of the local community, especially at events such as Fall Festival and Stepping Up. These annual events bring the students together in mixed-aged groups to explore various aspects of a particular theme through experiential activities. They also meet in these groups on Fun Fridays in the weeks prior to the events. Their ideas and interdependence as a group become the focus, and yet personal leadership shines in each of them.