Open to Community - Teachers, Parents, and Students

One of the foundations of the Open Classroom Leadership Magnet is the involvement of our families. Without this component, the whole-child learning environment that makes us unique wouldn't be possible.

Parent volunteers allow for small groups, multi-age collaboration and mentoring and hands-on activities, which require extra planning and support in the classroom. More than these essentials, our parents enrich our student's experiences by sharing their unique abilities in the classroom and through Open Classroom's annual events.

We are fortunate as parents at Open Classroom Leadership Magnet to be welcomed into the classroom and valued as a partner in our child's education. Open Classroom is built on a great philosophy, but really thrives because our parents take an active role in implementing its principles. Both teachers and students appreciate the help from our parents and depend on it each day, in a variety of ways beyond academics.

For every student, there is a requirement of at least one adult involved weekly in the classroom for a minimum of 1.5 hours. This commitment of time and energy by the families at Open Classroom demonstrates a value of the learning process, and the kids notice. Also, being involved with the students on a regular basis shows them that they belong to a community of adults and peers that want to know them as individuals and help them be their best.