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Welcome Back!!!

Ms. Heather would like to welcome everyone to the upper grades!!!  We have an exciting year planned and you will find out more at our Back to School Night (6:30pm for whole school Welcome Address, 7-8pm for our 4-5 class). 

Ms. Heather would like to thank everyone who signed up to volunteer within the classroom.  We still need some time slots filled, they are: Tues. 1:30-2:40;  Wed. 8:45-10:10;  Thurs. 8:15-10:10 and Friday 1:30- 2:40.  Please remember that our program depends upon us parents being present in the classroom, to help with centers and projects, and this allows the teacher to have time to work individually with each child to best meet their learning needs. (Also,  please know that schedules will change once we get the specialist times.)

Things to know about homework include the “Wednesday Folder,” which will start going home on September 7th and will contain completed work to discuss (& keep at home) with your child, and a weekly report for you to sign and send back in an envelope the following day.  Multiplication tables should be practiced nightly, as well as the Word of the Day.  There will be a Word of the Day worksheet, and on Fridays there will be a quiz.

This year promises to be a great one, so welcome, everyone, to the 4-5 class!!

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Welcome Back!

Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Wendy welcome everyone back, and into the 2-3 grades!!!  This year, the teachers will be team teaching quite often, with Ms. Jennifer teaching the 2nd grade math and Ms. Wendy teaching the 3rd grade math.  The two classes of 2-3 will also be getting together to learn their science units—the first of which will be “Structures of Life,” where we will be comparing and contrasting plant life and animal life.  We will be investigating seeds, both in class and in the garden, and also viewing live crayfish and our two class pets, Lucky (bird) and CJ (a bearded dragon!).  A terrarium will combine both plant and animal life for us to view!

The first few weeks we will focus on “Cool Tools,” which are strategies to help children make good choices socially, both inside and outside of the classroom, thus creating a cohesive learning environment on our campus.  The teachers will also be getting to know your child, socially, emotionally and academically, as assessments take place so that lesson plans can be geared towards the best needs of this particular group of students this year.

The teachers also want to welcome back all the wonderful, helpful parents of our students, and can’t wait to work together to make this year the best!

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Welcome Back OCLM Families!
Summer is fading and the first day of school is just over a week away. We thought we'd get a head start on the new year with the first issue of the Leaderboard Online.
First things first (have we been using our habits this summer?), we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend a Volunteer Training to prepare for working in the classroom. See the article below for more information and dates.

Our Back to School Picnic on Monday the 22nd also will help you get dialed in and prepared for the year. It's a fun evening with friends and new faces. Hopefully we'll see you all there!

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