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May 2012 Leaderboard Issue
We've reached the final weeks of school and the big talk on campus of course is Stepping Up. We all are looking forward to applauding our students on June 6 as they...Read More

April 2012 Leaderboard Issue

We've got rhythm (it's a dance, dance, Dance-a-thon), we're synergizing (do the Habit #6 wave with us), and we're taking flight (destination: Stepping Up). 


We want all of you on board with us at OCLM as we soar through the rest of the school year!

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March 2012 Leaderboard Issue
We'll be dancing our way into Spring this year with a Dance-a-thon, and why not? It's an exciting time, especially for our teachers who will be...Read More

February 2012 Leaderboard Issue

At OCLM, we are in the business of being open. And, hopefully, that means that we are also open to new ideas. We are doing many positive things that other schools aren't, and not doing many of the not-so-positive things that other schools are. 


Experts like Alfie Kohn validate us and add fuel to the fire of many of our projects, but they also open our eyes to possibilities that we hadn't imagined. Particularly at a school like OCLM, there is always more to learn if we want to ensure that our school thrives and continues to offer the best for our students....

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January 2012 Leaderboard Issue

Now is the time of year to share what we love about OCLM! Invite someone to Alfie Kohn's presentation tomorrow night and our Parent Information Night on January 30. Or, remind them to pick up a school choice application and check us out with a campus tour next month.


We have a lot to be proud of, and aren't you glad someone told you about OCLM?


Happy New Year, and welcome home (to OCLM)!

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December 2011 Leaderboard Issue

We have a lot to learn from our kids in their enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. The impact of this year's Fall Festival is a testament to their ability to make the most of their experiences. And, the success of the day (as a meaningful, educational community-builder) was reflected in what they, along with our parents and teachers, put into it. Music is powerful it's true, and matched with the unique talents of our OCLM community, made for a wonderful day!

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November 2011 Leaderboard Issue

There are a thousand words in a picture (so they say) and this issue of the Leaderboard is full of them. But they all seem to be saying just one! I think we would all agree that we're making the most of the school experience here at Conejo and OCLM.

Just as this newsletter is a monthly snapshot of the positive things happening at OCLM, so is our annual Fall Festival. It utilizes multi-age groups, themed teaching, hands-on experiences and creativity to make learning fun and meaningful, and gives us all a chance to participate in our children's education. And, as we end the day together with a whole-school circle, we all get a picture of what a true community can be.

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October 2011 Leaderboard Issue
Along with the usual Fall things (pumpkins and turkeys), at OCLM we'll enjoy a Fun Fair and Fall Festival. This month we are in planning mode for these exciting events in November.


A first for Conejo, the upcoming Fun Fair means more fundraising with built-in fun (think Rio and those rubber ducks!). We're only six weeks into the year, and we've raised over $10,000 so far for our school. Beyond the food and fun, the best part is the "doing" that we share (to make it all happen) and the results that we see.


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September 2011 Leaderboard Issue

Welcome back, and thank you to all who attended this year's Back to School Night. We are fortunate to have an excellent team of teachers who are excited about working with students and parents for a great year of learning.

Let's share in their enthusiasm by helping in the classroom, volunteering for school events and supporting the efforts of SCOPE and PFA. Being on campus and taking an active role in our children's education is one of the most important ways that we can "be there" for them.

We're off and running now and the opportunities abound. Get involved and be a part of the exciting things happening at OCLM!

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August 2011 Leaderboard Issue
Welcome Back OCLM Families!
Summer is fading and the first day of school is just over a week away. We thought we'd get a head start on the new year with the first issue of the Leaderboard Online.
First things first (have we been using our habits this summer?), we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend a Volunteer Training to prepare for working in the classroom. See the article below for more information and dates.

Our Back to School Picnic on Monday the 22nd also will help you get dialed in and prepared for the year. It's a fun evening with friends and new faces. Hopefully we'll see you all there!

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